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What can help me keep track of? This is a relevant question, to which you will get an answer here.

Membership of is 100% deductible and will automatically take care of this deduction for you.

100% deduction on your license

100% anonymous

Your information on is 100% anonymous. Therefore, you do not have to provide CPR number or other private information. ensures that you have 100% control over what you have earned in total as B income, what you have earned per month and per type, because you can divide your income into all the different types you need. It is important to keep track of your B income - so that you are in control of the B tax, AM contribution and that you do not cheat yourself of deductions.

Your B income / Your Fee income ensures that you have received your fees. It can be difficult to keep track of your fees when you are a B income recipient. It is our experience that many with B income forget to check that they have actually received payment for all the fee jobs they have performed! As a result, many fee recipients miss out on money they have actually earned! This does not happen when you are a member of We remind you to check that the money HAS been transferred to your bank account. For this reason alone, it can really pay off for you to be a member of

Your money helps you remember and manage your deductions. Both your driving deductions and all other types of deductions. Many cheat themselves of tax deductions by not knowing and using the relevant tax rules. For example, the rate for driving deductions when you drive your own car is approximately twice as large as the rate you can take as an A-income recipient. And in addition, there is a deduction already from the first kilometer driven – as an A-income recipient, it is only after 12 km. (each way) that there is a deduction. All correct and relevant rates are incorporated on and are updated as soon as changes occur (typically every year).

Your deductions makes sure that you never have to fear getting tax arrears as a result of your B income. With you always know how much B-tax you have to pay as a result of your fee income. Of course corrected for all kinds of deductions and depreciation. If you have made advance B-tax payments or made voluntary payments of B-tax, you can easily register these at The system then takes these elements into account and shows you whether you have set too much or too little aside for payment of additional B tax and AM contribution.

Your B-tax gives you the full overview of your assets and the resulting depreciation. It really just means that you must write what you have invested in in relation to your b income. It can be a musical instrument, more expensive medical equipment and other equipment you need in relation to your B income. When you buy equipment for more than a certain amount, you cannot deduct it all in a single year. In return, you can depreciate your equipment. makes it very easy for you: You can simply state how much you spent on your equipment (e.g. 25,000), then does the whole math - both for the current and future income years. Thus, you do not need to know of any amount limits, depreciation rates, etc. It should be easy for you to manage your finances correctly - handles all the complicated stuff without you having to familiarize yourself with the rules.

Your depreciations shows you exactly which amount you must enter in which field in your annual statement. Via the statistics page, you can clearly see a breakdown of your B income. In this way, you are also able to very easily check the information that SKAT has received on your behalf from your fee employers. When SKAT gives access to your annual statement, which typically happens in mid-March, under field 12 of your annual statement at SKAT, you can click on a link and see SKAT's specification of the B income that has been reported on your behalf. It often happens that fee employers forget to declare all fee income. But it also happens that some fee-based employers end up reporting incorrect income. For example, if an employer reports B income for several people, it may happen that some CPR numbers are exchanged. If you do not discover such errors, you will pay AM contribution and B tax on money you have never earned! Only you can catch such a mistake - and you can only do that if you have a structured way of managing your B income. If you use, you will also find such errors.

Your annual statement gives you financial insight and an overview that you have probably never had before. gives you detailed statistics on your income - broken down by type, day, month, profitability and much more. Type of income could e.g. be the different bands/orchestras you play in (as a musician), which newspapers you work for (as a freelance journalist) or which teams you teach (as a PE teacher), or which projects you have worked on (as a screenwriter). You decide entirely yourself which categories your B income is divided into. You can also very easily export all your job data in csv format and open it with e.g. excel. Then you can do all the analyzes you want. What most users of value most, however, is probably our overall PDF report, which collects all your jobs, deductions, depreciation and other information in one report, which gives the full picture of your entire income year. It can also, if necessary, be easily sent to SKAT and gives, for example, an exact answer as to why you have written a given amount in a given field in your annual statement.

Your financial insight

You get all this - and more - for DKK 75 per month with annual payment. The cost of can be deducted from your taxes, so the real cost is less. The tax benefit is from around 36% to 51.5% (the limit for top tax) when deducting personal income, so the real cost is DKK 36-48 per month after tax for annual payment. Your exact after-tax price depends on your marginal tax, but don't worry - you don't have to worry about that at all, because automatically includes your deduction for the membership of You of course have a 14-day right to cancel your purchase of a license for

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