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Pricing Plans offers one subscription which is fully deductible and can be paid either per month or per year. The right to deduct means in practice that SKAT pays approx. half of your subscription. Your price after tax is thus approx. DKK 42 per month for annual payment and DKK 50 for monthly payment. The deduction for your subscription is automatically registered for you when you buy a subscription.

You can try all features for free for 14 days before you decide to buy.

Income year

To create an income year, it simply requires very few and simple information from you. Based on this, the system can retrieve all the tax rates that are relevant to you. Hereafter you can then easily create jobs, deductions and investments.

Create jobs, deductions and investments is very user-friendly, so everyone can find out how to create a fee job, deduction or an investment. See for example here how a deduction is created:
You can create an unlimited number of jobs, deductions and investments.

Calculation of B-tax and AM-contribution continuously calculates how much you must set aside for B-tax and AM contributions. The calculation takes into account driving deductions, other deductions and any depreciation on investments - and of course your fee income. It is a complex calculation that depends on many different tax rates, etc. But with you always know where you stand in relation to B-tax and AM contributions.

Attachments in the cloud

Upload photos, pdf, jpeg, etc. to your profile and link them to a job, deduction or investment. Then you have all your documents gathered in one place. And always documentation at hand, in case SKAT should invite you to a "cod party" :)

Mobile app

With our mobile app for iOS users you can create your entire B-income account. Use all the features: Create income year, create jobs, deductions, investments, etc. Of course, you can also take pictures of your receipts and upload them directly to your profile and instantly link them to a deduction or a job. Light and straightforward. Everywhere. Finish with physical attachments.

Automatic calculation of high driving deduction

As a B-income recipient, you can take the high driving deduction. It is approx. twice as high as the low that A-income recipients can take. And then there are deductions from the first kilometer driven. SKAT has no calculator for this. But of course has it. And it is built into and "talks" together with google maps, so the entire calculation of distance and the high driving deduction runs completely automatically.

Check for receipt of fee payments

As a fee recipient, it happens - unfortunately more often than you might think - that the employer forgets to pay the agreed fee. As a fee recipient, it can be difficult to keep track of whether you have now received all your fees. With you can always see if you have received payment for each and every one of your fee jobs.

Payment reminders - B-tax and AM contribution

It's sour of getting post-tax. Extra sour that interest is accruing. But you will not receive any after-tax if you remember to pay your B-tax and AM contribution on time. reminds you to do just that. And with you of course also know how much you have to pay. And we help you continuously throughout the year to set aside for B-tax and AM contributions. With, you do not have to worry about a boring after-tax.

Help with the annual statement boxes shows you exactly what should be in which box in the annual statement. As a rule, some income is already registered for you. But there may have been errors in this - we know of several examples. If one / more fee jobs have been registered that you have not performed, you will pay tax on an income you have never had. So pay another person's tax. Unless you get this fixed. With you know exactly what you have earned - and not earned!
And then there are the deductions. SKAT can not possibly know about your deductions. So if you do not write them yourself in the correct box in the annual statement, then you will miss them. And paying too much in taxes.

Automatic registration of subscription deductions

Subscription to is fully deductible. automatically enters your deduction on your profile for you when you buy a license. So you do not miss the deduction.

Statistics - calculation of hourly wage, etc. gives you comprehensive statistics that we do not think you have known before. For example, your hourly wage distributed per. B-income type - because yes, you can of course create several different B-income types. And you can even see this hourly wage per. B-income type both with and without time spent preparing and transporting. You can also see your total B-income per. income year distributed per. type. And your B-income per. month. Maybe you will be better at setting your prices based on your statistics?

Export to pdf and csv

There is ample opportunity to export your data from You can generate a pdf of each page and a csv file of the job and driving page. But most importantly, you as a user can make a total pdf report with all information from the entire income year. It can be sent to SKAT if they have questions.

Support, FAQ, tutorials

We do - almost - everything for our users to get the most out of their subscription to Therefore, we have created a bunch of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), which answer all the common questions. We have tutorials (videos) for all elements of the system. And then we are usually quick to respond to emails. But we appreciate that you just check our FAQs first, because the probability is that you will already find the answer here :)

Security and backup

We take security very seriously and there is of course SSL encryption as soon as you log in to your account as well as on the public website. In addition, we regularly back up data. Since we started more than 10 years ago, we have had almost 100% uptime and we have never experienced data loss.

All features


89 kr./mo

About 50 kr./mo

after tax


SAVE 169 kr.

75 kr./mo

About 42 kr./mo

after tax

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