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Merete - Musician

AMAZING and EXTREMELY USEFUL website that even treasure-dummies like myself can figure out! In a few days it has already saved me a lot of money, so thank you so much for this great initiative !! :)

Lise - Author

I have really had the pleasure of working with You get your fees in order and control what you have to set aside for the tax. I'm not very good at IT, but the system is so user - friendly that everyone can find out. Finally, it should be mentioned that I now get the deductions that I have never received before I used

Andreas - Drummer

I have chosen to drop the accountant as this system combined with getting acquainted with the rules makes it just as good for me. Got an accountant to check my last accounts and there were no changes or additions. The system is simple and easy!

Christian Bols -  Comedian

This is an absolutely fantastic site you are working on. It really helps me a lot, and especially because I am an accounting fool. Everything is arranged so that even I understand it. Thanks:)

Linette - Author

At last I LOVE your website. The whole publishing industry has imagined that I should have a business to be able to deduct, but now I have learned that my writing is much better off as a B-income. And with your website in hindsight, it's sooo easy to keep track of it all.


You get 5 stars from me! Great help to you with b-income. The program calculates it all for you and gives a good overview. So easy and simple to go to. Really good service! They could have charged me for a year extra since I had not extracted my data (I do not have b-income anymore) but they did not. Thanks!

Johan - Doctor

Last year, before I used, I received an after-tax of 80,000. Using I found out that I had forgotten a lot of deductions, among other things. I ended up halving my after-tax.


I often recommend to someone and explain to them that this is what they need. It is super easy to work with and very clear and a good tool in any industry.

Tabias - Musician

Great program! I bought it a few weeks ago and it has already saved me a lot of hassle!

Per, sound & light

I am a user of your site and I must say it works great.

Lise - External Person Investigator

Great concept, how happy I was to find your page. Thank you so much for lightning fast service. I LOVE it already !!

Nick - Musician

I chose to use myself , as it is so simple and "foolproof." On the content page, your page is pretty ingenious.

Lasse - Musician

I want to start by saying THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your ingenious service - it has made my life as a freelance musician MUCH more manageable. I use the website almost daily and recommend all my freelance colleagues to use it.


I just got your program up and running and I love it! Similar to simple bookkeeping, you have to look for a long time! (And you may well quote me for that.)

Rasmus - DJ

I say thank you very much for the help, you get a huge recommendation from here!

Jonas - Organist

Thank you very much. If there is one thing that gives me respect for a company, it is that the company responds so promptly. Excellent service!

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