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Cancel subscription

For the sake of good order, we must point out that if you cancel your subscription, your data may be deleted as soon as your subscription has expired. Deleted data cannot be recovered.

Subscription to is fully deductible. In practice, this means that SKAT pays part of your subscription. Your price after tax is thus between 36, - and 48, - pr. month by annual payment. Your deduction is automatically registered at the same time as you buy or subscription or your subscription is renewed.

NOTE: SKAT can ask questions about your most recent 5 annual statements - and you can correct your annual statement 3 years back, if you e.g. finds out that you have cheated yourself of deductions. Therefore, it is important that you have access to your information for a long time.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, you must do so yourself. It's very simple, you just do it like this:

  • Log on to

  • Select "Profile" in the drop down menu in the upper right corner

  • Press "Stop automatic renewal"

Then your subscription runs out by itself. As soon as your subscription has expired, all your data can be deleted. Deleted data cannot be recovered.

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